VW Lupo interior retrim

This Lupo interior retrim is one of our favourite cars we have done, the colour combination between pain and leather just works!

Over the show season we’ve built a few show cars, including this little VW Lupo. The car is owned by Reflex AutoDesign and we got talking about the car and got the job for doing the interior retrim.

The Lupo interior was trimmed in an aqua blue napa leather, which complimented the arbarth grey paint perfectly, giving a fresh look on this Lupo interior.

The pattern of the seat is a little different, as the colour was so fresh we decided to make the pattern a little different and unique. The seats had diagonal pleats sewn into them, with the drivers side pointing in towards the center of the car, and flipped for the passenger side so they pointed at each other. Giving the car a symmetrical look.

The car was also rolling on a set of Fifteen 52, 3 piece Tarmacs, the first in the UK, with the centers painted to match the leather.

The Lupo won a trophy at Edition 38 show & shine, coming second in its class, which we are really happy with!

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