Check out the remarkable transformation we’ve achieved in the interior of this BMW Z4. The original BMW seat upholstery, once worn and sagging, has been completely revitalized.

This BMW seat upholstery arrived at our workshop with a single objective: to transform the cabin into a more inviting and cozy space.

The original BMW Z4 upholstery was in poor condition, showing signs of wear and tear, and even peeling. This deterioration was primarily due to previous attempts to rejuvenate the seats through spray treatments. Unfortunately, these efforts resulted in peeling paint and overspray on nearly all the seat components and the surrounding carpet. Additionally, the leather inserts on the door cards had also suffered from overspray.

The task at hand was straightforward: reupholster the seats and door panels with a beautiful tan Napa leather while addressing any residual ivory spray. Our goal was to achieve a like-for-like retrim that would make the interior appear as close to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as possible.

As you can see, the results speak volumes. The interior has been elevated, with the once-saggy leather now showcasing a tight, firm finish. The warm and inviting ambiance has truly transformed this space into a special place to be.

BMW seat upholstery


We reupholstered the door cards in tan Napa leather while ensuring that the airbag badge and surrounding plastics were meticulously cleaned of any overspray.

BMW Interior retrim
BMW seat upholstery


There were no elaborate demands when it came to the seat design; our primary goal was to achieve an exact like-for-like finish. As you can see, the new leather snugly envelops the seat foam, resulting in a sleek and firm appearance.