We are thrilled to present our latest creation: a meticulously upholstered VW T6.1 Interior, elegantly adorned in a rich, dark grey Dinamica finish.

The VW T6.1 interior greets you with a sense of familiarity, with its enduring hard, cold plastics that have enveloped the cabin in previous iterations. However, a refreshing update has been introduced, breathing new life into this well-known space. This rejuvenated T6.1 interior showcases a redesigned dashboard and refreshed doorcards, while retaining most of its other components. In terms of luxury, though, the offerings remain minimal, featuring leather-clad steering wheel and seats.

I’ve always emphasized the significance of having an interior that not only resonates with your personal style but also offers unmatched comfort. After all, it’s the place where you spend a significant portion of your time. The T6.1 interior serves as a pristine canvas, waiting to be transformed into a plush, cozy sanctuary that’s both luxurious and inviting.


We thrive on challenges here at EDGE Automotive, and when it came to the newly designed dash and doorcards, we encountered some hurdles that we had previously conquered in earlier iterations of the transporter.

The dash presented the most significant challenge. The customer had a specific request to preserve the ‘pockets’ located both above and below where the lower dash panels (including the glove box and center console) meet the top section. This was particularly demanding because the main dash consists of a single molded piece. In previous attempts by other companies, these areas were filled and smoothed over, resulting in a loss of intricate detail.

As the accompanying pictures illustrate, I successfully retained all the requested ‘pockets,’ preserving the original aesthetics of the dash. This accomplishment stands as one of the most comprehensive interiors I’ve completed to date.


Dinamica serves as a wonderful, cost-effective alternative to Alcantara, boasting strikingly similar aesthetics that result in a premium finish akin to what we typically associate with Alcantara. To delve deeper into the world of Dinamica, I encourage you to visit their website.


Moving on to the doorcards, we encountered a similar challenge. Like the dash, the main component is a single molded piece of plastic. To achieve an upholstery that closely resembled OEM (original equipment manufacturer), we crafted three custom trim pieces. Notably, one of these pieces was a custom speaker grill, which we adorned with speaker grill cloth and seamlessly integrated into the doorcard.

VW T6.1 Interior

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