Toyota Aristo VIP Style

Here is the first VIP styled car in the UK and Edge Automotive, based in the West Midlands, have now revamped the entire interior. But it doesn’t stop there, the car being the first of its kind in the UK, it needed something special. The car is leading the way of other VIP enthusiasts in the UK and here at Edge Automotive, we think we’ve gone one step further with the interior.

The interior had a full leather retrim, from the seats to the dash and the doorcards. The customer first asked for a quilted/diamond stitch finish on the center of his seats, however, here at Edge Automotive we knew this car had to be something special. We did a bit of research into the VIP style and it’s all about extravagant luxury with an up market finish.

With that in mind, we found a finish that fitted the description and style perfectly. Altogether, 68 hand made buttons were made with many more details alike – this is truly a one off custom interior and we have a feeling you’ll be seeing alot more of this car…

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