We have been receiving some great news about the VIP Styled Toyota Aristo Edge Automotive recently retrimmed. This car is leading the way in VIP style with the first diamond tufted interior designed and produced by us here at Edge Automotive. The car has been attending several shows and has competed against other cars in show and shine competitions.

The Aristo was at Brands Hatch this weekend attending the Modified Live Show and it won the show and shine in its class! That is a great result for Lam the owner and us here at Edge Automotive.

The car is also in the final of the Japfest and Trax Power & Style awards.

And not only has the Aristo been winning show and shines, but it’s going to be featured in Banzai and Fast car magazine. So make sure you buy a copy and check it out!

Click the picture below to read about the Aristo’s interior.