The suspension on the Toyota MR2 V6 was becoming tired and we decided it was time for an upgrade. We had a look at all the options for the MR2 from new shocks and springs to coilovers. In the end we decided on coilovers and went for the BC racing suspension.

There are several models to choose from for the BC coilovers and we decided on the Type BR, meant for street and circuit. We also had a choice between rubber and adjustable top mounts. The fronts themselves come with adjustable top mounts as standard so we weren’t going to argue with that, however the rear came with rubber mounts. We decided to stay with the rubber mounts as we won’t be going out on the track much with the car.

The Type BRs come with plenty of features to tune your suspension to how you will like it, from ride height adjustment to corner weight adjustment and damping adjustment. These should be a great addition to our Toyota MR2.