What a show season we’ve had here at Edge Automotive. Producing show winning cars with companies such as PaintWRX and Reflex Auto Design.

Jacks RX8 has won 10 Trophies since its been built, with a few ‘Car of the show’ trophies in there too. The RX8 has also won Meguiars car of the year award. Not only that, Jack was asked onto the set of Fast and Furious 6 for filming in London which is just an amazing achievement for all parties involved in his car.

We also built a VW Lupo with Reflex Auto Design for Edition 38 show, you can read more about the car and what was involved here. The Lupo came second out of 4 in the best Lupo class which we were over whelmed with.

Players 6.0 show came with a nice surprise, the Lupo couldn’t make the show unfortunately, but Jack was there with his RX8 on the Meguiars stand, and we gave the RX7 a trip down. Jack won a Players winners trophy but the big surprise was when the RX7 was announced for a winners trophy.

Over all Edge Automotive had a great Show season for their second year in Business. What will next year bring? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out!